Molten chocolate, as used in many cannabis edibles products; the symbol displayed is Washington State's new marijuana edibles warning label.

Letizia Piatti

Washington Cannabis Board Adopts Edibles Warning Symbol

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board has adopted a “Not for Kids” Red Hand warning symbol to be placed on edible cannabis products, the agency announced in a press release. The board settled on the symbol over the “Mr. Yuk” symbol and other symbols that included the word “poison.”

The “Not for Kids” Red Hand symbol was approved after industry concerns over the inclusion of “poison” and cost concerns related to royalties on the trademarked “Mr. Yuk” symbol. The “Not for Kids” warning symbol was developed by a marketing firm working on behalf of the Washington Poison Center. Licensed operators are able to use the image at no cost and can either print them in-house or purchase them from the Poison Center. The symbol also includes a phone number for parents and consumers in the event of accidental ingestion.

“Along with education and outreach, similar to what was done with ‘Mr. Yuk’ when it was first developed, the WSLCB believes that the warning symbol will accomplish the goal of deterring accidental consumption by children,” the release states.

Anticipating the rule changes, some licensees began using the symbol on their products in advance of any requirement to do so.

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