The Vapor Slide: Vape With Your Bong

Vaping has taken the smoking world by storm. The first hand held devices were clunky, inefficient and difficult to use. Over time, they have been refined; battery life and delivery mechanisms were improved and today’s vape pens are extremely portable, efficient and easy to use. However, there is a significant portion of smokers, myself included who just enjoy using bongs. I have always been interested in the benefits of  vaping which among other advantages include less odor and arguably less of the negative effects from smoke inhalation. I was reluctant to envision my smoking future without having a bong included in that picture.

Recently I was introduced to the Vapor Slide, the world’s first vapor slide for water pipes. From the moment I unzipped the case, the product quality was evident. The slide itself is made from aluminum and the rubberized plastic helps to ensure durability and extended product life. It comes with two standard cartridges for e liquid but I elected to attach my own and give it a whirl.

Check out some photos of the unit:




Off the bat, I loved the button-less action. I don’t pretend to understand the engineering but the slide knows based on pressure when you are pulling and it works flawlessly. You can select different voltages essentially changing the temperature. The case is slick, discrete and includes a USB charger.


The Vapor Slide is intended for use only with e-liquid and oils, so if you plan on using it to consume cannabis, you will need to find some high-quality extracts at a local retailer or dispensary. Here is a video demonstrating how to fill the device:

A dry herb model would be a killer future product line! 

Overall it’s an excellent product that works exactly how you would imagine. It’s intuitive, well-constructed and innovative. Best of all, you can enjoy all the benefits of vaping without having to give up your water pipe!

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