The Next Generation Of Cannabis Processing: Automated Trimmers

As the legalization of cannabis expands within the US and abroad, cultivators are continually seeking ways to improve their processes and operations. As a result of this, the cannabis industry has seen a significant shift in recent years as the demand for high-quality products continues to rise.

One of the most significant changes is the shift from manual cannabis processing and hand trimming to machine trimming and automated processes. This shift has led to increased efficiency and consistency in the production process, while also improving the quality of the end product.

The History of Cannabis Trimming

Cannabis trimming has a long history that dates back centuries. The earliest recorded consumption of cannabis traces back to Asia, where it was used in religious ceremonies and as a medicine. Even back then, cannabis plants were being trimmed by hand to discard excess material that was not needed for those ceremonies or medicinal purposes.

From those early days of cannabis through the rise of commercial cultivation in the 20th century, hand trimming became the industry standard practice for preparing flower for sale. Businesses would hire a team of hand trimmers to manually cut and trim the buds to their desired shape and appeal.

As the industry grew and market demand increased, it became clear that manual trimming was inefficient and time-consuming, and cultivators adapted their practices to welcome new technologies that would help them with their volume of harvests and efficiency of processing. This led to the development of the first machine trimmers, which were introduced in the late-1900s.

A New Age of Cannabis Processing

The first-generation machine trimmers were crude and inefficient, and they often damaged the buds, resulting in a lower-quality end product. Over time, however, technology and machine trimmers became more advanced, with improved cutting systems, better control over speed and flow, and more precise sensors.

Today, machine and automated trimming is the preferred method for large-scale cannabis cultivation and commercial facilities, with many cultivators using high-tech trimmers like the Mobius M108S to streamline their production processes and improve the quality of their flower.

Farms that choose manual processing require a large team of seasonal hand trimmers to take the flower from harvest to sale-ready product. Trimming by hand is a tedious, labor-intensive process that requires hours of work each day and ample experience. Workers with varying levels of experience will trim the buds to different degrees, leaving inconsistent results across the same harvest.

While some individual, boutique, and smaller operators may still utilize hand trimming to process their harvest, most cultivators and commercial growers have switched to machine trimming their flower.

Automated Cannabis Trimming Machines

Automated cannabis trimmers like the M108S are designed to trim flower with precision and speed. The Mobius Trimmer is capable of processing up to 120 lbs per hour and can process both wet and dry flower to accommodate any operation. The M108S is equipped with surgical-grade stainless steel bed knives that flex against the helical blades, ensuring the two cutting edges remain in constant contact with each other, resulting in no gaps or dead spots.

Automated machine trimmers provide increased efficiency, as they can trim significantly more than what can be achieved through manual hand trimming. The trimming timeline is greatly reduced, with full commercial-scale harvests being processed in a few hours versus days or weeks. As a result, flower goes from harvest to sale in a fraction of the time, and cultivators can deliver product on a regular and consistent basis.

In addition to faster processing times and increased efficiency, machine trimming also allows for reduced labor costs and improved working conditions. With a trimmer like the M108S, cultivators and cannabis processors can save thousands on seasonal employees and reduce risks like theft and repetitive strain injuries.

An automated cannabis trimmer like the M108S Trimmer delivers high-quality results. With premium features that come standard with the machine, cultivators can ensure an ultra-consistent trim and optimal bud quality. With this, producers have a steady flow of product going out and profit coming in, allowing for growth and further automation implementation.


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