Tectonic9 Dry Herb Grinder Review

The Tectonic9 grinder was introduced by Cloudious9, a vaporizer company focused on elevating dry herb technology. After a quick assessment of the innovations added to the grinder, anyone can see that the design was influenced by vape culture. Features of the Tectonic9 mitigate the issue of using our fingertips to squeeze ground bud into small herb chambers of portable vape pieces. In fact, a small motor does all that work for us.

Using the Tectonic9 dry herb grinder

This aluminum alloy dry herb grinder is a sleek matte black and has some weight to it. As far as the basics go, Tectonic9 is built like most conventional herb grinders. To load the herb just pull off the magnetized lid and push small, stemless nugs between its teeth. Now turn the lid back and forth until the herb is ground and visible in the next chamber of the grinder through the viewing window.

When it’s time to load the vape, slide the bar below the window to the left so that the round hole lines up with the herb chamber. Now flip the spout for dispensing up from the gadget so that it aligns with herb chamber opening. Lean the spout towards the vape or bowl and press the operational button to start vibration mode. That’s right, a small motor vibrates the grinder so that the herb pours itself into the piece. This function works if you move the grinder backward, leaving space for the ground herb.

The vibrating grinder is a cool gadget to show off, but it’s definitely meant for a specific customer. The Tectonic9 would be the perfect gadget or gift for someone who uses dry herb vapes. Anyone who has tried to load an herb chamber in a vape knows the hardship of squeezing and smashing herbs into a small cylinder. Using this small vibrating grinder takes the fingers and smashing out of the equation. It could also be ideal for joint, blunt, and backwoods rollers. Those who don’t want their fingers to reek of skunk will also appreciate the pouring feature of the Tectonic9.

Our final word is that this product is definitely recommended for the niche dry herb vape and joint-rolling markets.


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