According to a survey by Emerging Insider, a content relations firm, marketers throughout North America are split on whether or not they would be open to working with the cannabis industry. The survey of 600 marketers found 43 percent of respondents were willing to take on cannabis industry clients, while 32 percent said they would not be open to taking on clientele in the space. The remaining respondents indicated they would need to check with their company executives.

Of the companies who said they would work with cannabis industry operators, 52 percent said they would be so inclined due to the potential revenue derived from the space; 29 percent indicated “it would be an interesting or fun area to conceptualize campaigns”; and 19 percent felt it would “provide a novel challenge.”

Of the respondents indicating they would not be willing to market cannabis products, 38 percent believed doing business with the industry would “lead to a negative perception of their firm”; 26 percent indicated they do not possess the necessary expertise to be involved in the industry; 20 percent said they had “no interest” in the cannabis space; and 16 percent believed the industry is “not yet robust enough to make it worthwhile.”

One of the most prevalent issues marketers faced in considering the space was the legality of cannabis, and 85 percent of respondents said the “first step” to industry involvement would be to hire counsel, while 68 percent admitted they “have little knowledge” about cannabis marketing laws on a state or national level. Fifty-seven percent of those surveyed believed that public relations would be the “strongest marketing integration” due to cannabis advertising laws, while 24 percent indicated search engine optimization marketing would be the best way to enter the space and avoid regulatory issues.

The vast majority of respondents, 80 percent, indicated traditional advertising platforms are “years away” from being able to properly handle legal and regulatory challenges associated with the cannabis space; and respondents were divided about where the greater opportunities for marketing-related growth in the space lies – 53 percent said the consumer-based products and services sector provided a greater growth opportunity, while 47 percent believed business-to-business would scale more rapidly.

Just 6 percent of respondents claimed they did not see venture capital funding becoming robust in the space during the next five years, while 70 percent indicated venture capital would “increase substantially” over the next year.

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    HARDCAR is a world class asset protection and armored transportation company From ground breaking cybersecurity to robotics and custom built solutions to meet customer demand we believe in real customer satisfaction not lip service.

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    Weed Pay is a cannabis banking and merchant services company. We think differently than conventional credit card processing companies due to our history of handling high-risk accounts. We are experts in the field of alternative payment options, merchant accounts, and banking. Our mission and vision are to provide needed customer support services to the cannabis industry within these areas.

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    GoGreen Hemp specializes in everything CBD. We sell directly to consumers as well as to wholesalers and those interested in white label products. Our current product line consists of Gel Capsules, Gummies, Oil Drops and Balms.

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    We are Cannabis Industry Financial Experts helping CEO's transform their business by saving tons on taxes, increasing cash flow, enhancing margins, and improving processes. We go beyond Section 280e issues; your problems are our solutions.

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    We offer two decades of experience providing advertising, branding, and web design solutions to the most recognizable brands from around the globe. Simply put, we decided to take the expertise we gleaned working with big-name companies you know and love and bring it to the emerging cannabis industry. We’re more than a mere agency – we’re cannabis advocates.

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    The Dispensary Partnership Program uses data collected from patients, via Releaf App, to provide business analytics to dispensaries (USA) and licensed producers (Canada). This data service is creating a new class of dispensaries that are driven outcomes and patient results. The dispensary partnership program shows symptom-specific patient ratings & analytics for the specific cannabis batches and products in a dispensary’s inventory. Dispensaries use this information to give more informed recommendations at the counter.

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  • Dispensary Permits offers “seed to sale” consulting services with hands on support to medical marijuana entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking to break into the industry or you have previous experience with owning or operating a dispensary, cultivation, manufacturing or testing facility; our custom crafted solutions provide support and guidance for both novice and expert medical marijuana entrepreneurs.

  • CannaSafe Solutions

    CannaSafe Solutions is the one-stop-shop for all the safety needs of your cannabis growhouse, dispensary, lab, or edibles manufacturing facility. We provide all of the safety equipment and apparel you need to protect your employees, your plants, and your business.

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