Missouri Cracking Down on Illegal Cannabis and Vape Products

Missouri AG Andrew Bailey has launched an investigation into illicit vape and cannabis product distributors in the state, sending civil investigative demands to 22 companies selling delta-8 and delta-9 THC products.

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Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey last week launched an investigation into illegal vape and cannabis products after receiving reports that some distributors may be violating the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act (MMPA) — which focuses on fraudulent or deceptive business practices — and selling products that are harming children.

“Under state law, Missourians have a right to live free from fraud and deception in the marketplace, and they have the right to know exactly what is in the products they consume. When purchasing products, Missourians have a right to know if they will be subject to serious and potentially dangerous side effects like psychotic episodes, severe confusion, hallucinations and other life-threatening problems. This is especially important when potentially dangerous products appear to be marketed directly at children. As Attorney General, I will use every tool at my disposal to halt the sale of dangerous, illicit products that harm Missouri consumers, especially children.” — Bailey in a press release 

According to Bailey’s office, the investigation targets delta-8 THC products, citing an incident in March when six elementary school students in St. Louis County had to be picked up from school after consuming “Nerds Rope Bites” and “Mad Monkey Sour Strawberry Premium Gummies,” which contained delta-8 THC, and getting sick. 

The AG’s office has sent civil investigative demands (CID) to businesses that sell delta-8 and delta-9 products and businesses that sell e-cigarettes or illegal vapes. 

“This investigation will inquire into the activities and representations of [certain sellers] in connection with the manufacturing, sale, marketing, advertisement, promotion, and/or distribution of products containing CBD, Delta-8, and Delta-9 THC,” the CID states. “The Attorney General has reason to believe that [the company being investigated] has used deception, fraud, false promise, misrepresentation, unfair practices, and/or the concealment, suppression, or omission of material facts in connection with the sale or advertisement of CBD, Delta-8, and Delta-9 THC products.” 

In all, 22 CIDs were sent to Missouri businesses believed to be violating state law. 

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Industry perspectives on this story:

Attorney General Bailey is always alert to any opportunity to appear a hero to to the far right who he hopes are his ticket to election in November. He is well aware that there are bills pending in the MO General Assembly which address the issues surrounding "hemp derived intoxicating cannabinoids." He just can't stand not to get his name in the papers as fighting this menace to our children.

Dan Viets, JD - Attorney, Dan Viets Law Office

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