Study: Cannabis Consumers Just as Likely to Exercise as Non-Consumers

A study in Preventive Medicine Reports indicates that cannabis users are just as likely to engage in exercise as non-users, challenging stereotypes about cannabis use and physical inactivity.

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People who consume cannabis are just as likely to exercise as people who abstain from cannabis use, according to a study published in the April 2024 edition of Preventive Medicine Reports.

The study was written by researchers from the University of Texas and Ohio University who surveyed 2,591 U.S. adults who either consume cannabis or use e-cigarettes. Researchers asked the respondents about their typical exercise routines including frequency and types of activities, finding that “participants’ marijuana and e-cigarette use predicted their walking for exercise.”

“…Marijuana use is not significantly related to engagement in a particular type of physical activity. Though we find some evidence that marijuana users walk for exercise more than even non-users, this result represents a trend more than a significant association.” — Excerpt of the study, via Preventative Medicine Reports

The study authors also said the findings “challenge the stereotype that marijuana and e-cigarette users are less active than non-users, and future research should examine the potential mechanisms of these findings.”

Not only are cannabis consumers just as likely to exercise as non-consumers, but a study published in January also found that cannabis use makes exercise more enjoyable.

Another recent study suggested that regular cannabis users may have more empathy than non-consumers, including increased emotional comprehension and greater brain connectivity in areas related to empathy.

Meanwhile, a report published last year by the cannabis advocacy group NORML found that there have been more than 32,000 studies published over the last decade investigating the effects and potential benefits of cannabis.

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