Studio Linear Publishes Guide to Solving Common Marketing Problems in the Cannabis Industry

Creative agency Studio Linear recently released a free educational guide for cannabis entrepreneurs highlighting some of the common “mishaps” experienced by brands when it comes to marketing and branding. The guide explores six of the most frequent problems that a cannabis brand is likely to face, along with tips for how to solve them.

Studio Linear’s CEO Andrea Beaulieu said of the report, “In the spirit of community, we want to give back knowledge that we have gained working in the cannabis industry to help other businesses succeed and thrive in this market.”

With extensive experience in branding, packaging, and marketing for beverages and consumer goods, Beaulieu was drawn to serve the cannabis industry after experiencing the therapeutic benefits of cannabis first-hand. Recognizing the potential for legalized cannabis to make the world a better place with products that provide relaxation and relief to those in need, Beaulieu created Studio Linear as a way to share her expertise with cannabis startups and help them connect with consumers.

After witnessing brands struggle with various messaging-related problems in the market and encountering similar situations with multiple clients, Beaulieu decided to compile a quick guide to help educate early-stage companies about what to avoid and how to navigate the obstacles they are likely to face.

“We have heard the horror stories – from companies using non-compliant branding to missing required items on packaging that costs them thousands in lost revenue and we do not want other businesses to make these same mistakes. Trusting a design agency that specializes in the cannabis industry has allowed our clients to set themselves apart from an increasingly saturated market by merging the delicate balance of authenticity and creativity.”

Andrea Beaulieu, CEO Studio Linear

The report is titled “Common Cannabis Marketing Mishaps” and is available to download via for a limited time. It covers such issues as noncompliant branding, the difficulties around registering trademarks for federally-illegal products, how to avoid being accused of marketing to minors, and more.

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About Studio Linear

Studio Linear is a woman-owned, Maine-based creative agency specializing in branding and identity design, custom packaging design, and marketing strategy for the cannabis and CBD industries. To learn more, visit or email