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Recreational Cannabis Daily Sales and Production Set Record Highs in WA

Recreational cannabis sales in Washington State topped $130 million in August, according to recent data from the state Liquor and Cannabis Board. The sales are worth about $25 million in tax revenue. Daily dispensary sales recorded a new high in August, hitting more than $4,200 per day – up from about $3,900 per day in July.   

The revenues are considered for fiscal year 2017, which began on July 1. Since that date, roughly $250 million in legal cannabis has been sold, which translates to about $50 million in tax revenues. In fiscal year 2016, $972 million worth of legal marijuana was sold, worth roughly $185 million in tax revenues.

According to the report, more than $4.2 million of legal cannabis is sold statewide every day, resulting in about $700,000 in tax revenues. The state saw 15,043 pounds of cannabis sold in August, down slightly from the 15,260 sold in July.

The 18,160 pounds of cannabis produced in August was the highest recorded in the state so far, almost 3,000 pounds more than were produced in July, the next highest month for production recorded by the board.

In July, the board performed 63 total compliance checks, issuing 22 violations and failing seven.         

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