Quebec Bans THC-Infused Sweets and Topicals

Three months before edibles regulations take effect nationwide, officials in Quebec, Canada have announced a ban on sweetened cannabis edibles containing THC, including (temporarily) topicals.

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The Quebec government has banned the sale of potent THC-infused candies, confections, and deserts about three months before cannabis edibles will be allowed to be sold throughout the nation, the Canadian Press reports. The government says the ban applies to “any … product attractive to minors.” 

Edible products containing 5 milligrams of THC per unit and 10 milligrams per package are excluded from the ban and drinkable products are capped at 5 milligrams per container under the rules – but products like gummies and other sweets will not be permitted. The government is also considering capping THC limits on all cannabis products sold in the province at 30 percent, according to the report, but has not implemented such a policy. 

Under the provincial regulations, cannabis-infused topicals will also be banned “for the moment.”

Under federal rules, edible products are capped at 10 milligrams of THC per package and 1,000 milligrams per package for concentrates and topicals. The rules prohibit the products to be “appealing to children” or make any health or nutrition claims. 

For extracts, producers are barred from using flavors that would appeal to children and teenagers and from using “sweeteners and colorants, or ingredients that could increase the appeal of cannabis extracts.”

So-called alternative cannabis products will be legal for sale in Canada on Oct. 17 but officials estimate it will take about 60 days before products make it to retail shelves. 


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