Product Recall in Michigan Over Licked Pre-Roll

Michigan regulators ordered the recall of about 3,200 pre-rolls after an employee allegedly licked one of the pre-rolls while making the product.

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Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency has recalled about 3,200 pre-rolls and suspended a processing center’s license for 14 days after an employee at the site allegedly licked one of the pre-rolls while making the product, MLive reports. The incident occurred at a Bay City processing center operated by the owners of Dispo.

The recall affects pre-rolled blunts and joints produced at the center and sold at medical and recreational dispensaries in Ann Arbor, Bay City, Detroit, Ferndale, Hazel Park, Lansing, Lapeer, Lowell, Negaunee, Quincy, River Rouge, and Traverse City.

On July 31, state regulators identified the potentially impacted cannabis products and placed them on “administrative hold” in METRC, the state tracking system, which alerts sellers of any issues at the time of sale. Several sales of the recalled product were made following the initiation of the investigation although it’s unclear whether retailers purposely ignored the “hold” alerts. The state may levy penalties on dispensaries that sell products on administrative hold.

According to MRA documents, the business owners complied with the agency’s request to voluntarily stop processing at the site on July 31, “took steps to address the issue internally” and “intends to remain inactive until further instruction” from regulators. The 14-day suspension began yesterday.

The recall affects a variety of products under different brand names sold at 15 dispensaries.

It’s unclear how officials learned of the incident. The suspension order states that the MRA “initiated its investigation based on information” that an employee licked one of the pre-rolls on July 13.

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