Portland Dispensary Workers Sign First Marijuana Union Contract in Oregon

Workers at a marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon have approved the first union contract for marijuana workers in the state.

Employees at Stoney Brothers voted unanimously to join United Food and Commercial Workers Local 555, which gives employees increased benefits and pay and, according to the union’s website, “sets a new standard for cannabis workers in Oregon.”

The three-year contract between the Stoney Brothers and the union sets base starting salaries at $15/hour for cashiers, $20/hour for trimmers, and $32/hour for master cultivators. The contract also provides for “regular raises, affordable health insurance through a multi-employer fund, pension contributions, paid vacations and sick leave, as well as seniority and grievance protections.”

Although the contract covers just three workers currently, Stoney Brothers President Trevor Reed says the company plans to open a second location in Astoria in the next several months.

Reed owns a similar marijuana business in New Mexico called “Natural RX,” the workers of which are also represented by UFCW.




Photo Credit: Stuart Seeger


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