Poll: Most Canadians Prefer Not to Discuss Cannabis Use With Parents

A recent survey suggests that most Canadian cannabis consumers are not comfortable talking about their cannabis use with their parents.

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Just 39 percent of Canadians said they are comfortable discussing their cannabis consumption with their parents, according to a survey commissioned by cannabis brand FIGR conducted by Maru/Blue outlined by the Toronto Sun. Just 14 percent of those surveyed said they were comfortable talking about their use with their grandparents.

The survey found that while 36 percent of respondents would consume cannabis during holidays or special occasions – when family is usually present – nearly all of those (35 percent) said they would do it secretly or discreetly.

Marta Clark, FIGR’s marketing director, said the survey results show “the sigma remains” attached to cannabis.

“I think we just have to put it in perspective. We had almost a century of prohibition. We had with media, with movies, we definitely had this, quote, unquote, war on drugs, for a very long time and cannabis is still fairly illegal in the U.S. – it varies state by state. … So we are seeing (attitudes) open up to cannabis consumption but it’s going to take time. We’re only two years in.” – Clark to the Sun

A vast majority – 88 percent – of those surveyed said they were comfortable discussing their cannabis use with friends, while 68 percent said they were comfortable discussing their use with their significant other, and 60 percent comfortable broaching the topic with their siblings. Just 18 percent said they would talk about their cannabis use with their boss.

Harvey Carroll, president of FIGR, said that in a company-commissioned survey last year, 59 percent of respondents indicated they believed cannabis was more socially acceptable post-legalization.

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