The Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Advisory Board on Friday unanimously approved a new process for approving conditions recognized under the state’s Medical Marijuana Act, according to a press release.

The application — which is listed under it’s own tab on the Medical Marijuana Advisory Board website — is available to patients, doctors, and members of the general public. Anyone who wants to can fill out the form and present a case for adding, changing, or removing a medical cannabis qualifying condition.

Applicants will need to provide several pieces of evidence to successfully augment the program, including:

  • References supporting their opinion
  • Documentation supporting cannabis’ efficacy in treating the condition
  • Documentation supporting the opinion that cannabis’ benefits for the condition would outweigh any potential health risks

“As medical literature surrounding the uses of medical marijuana expands, we want to ensure our list of qualifying conditions meets the needs of Pennsylvanians. This process will allow those with serious medical conditions to apply to have their condition be part of the list of qualifying conditions, with the support of medical professionals and documentation that supports their application.” — Pennsylvania Secretary of Health Dr. Rachel Levine, in a statement

Since it’s launch in 2016, more than 95,000 patients have registered with the Pennsylvania medical cannabis program. Among those patients, more than 64,000 carry identification cards that enable them to purchase medical cannabis products from dispensaries. There are approximately 1,360 physicians registered with the program.

Note: Pennsylvania dispensaries can sell concentrates, tinctures, pills creams, and flower products (but only for vaporization purposes — the program does not condone smoking). Edibles are not allowed.

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