Ontario Plans Craft Cannabis Protections & On-Site Retail

Ontario’s cannabis wholesaler has announced plans for new craft cannabis regulations and to allow on-site cannabis shops for licensed growers.

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Ontario’s cannabis wholesaler entity is reportedly planning to create regulations for a craft cannabis market and to allow for on-site cannabis shops at licensed growers/producers, Marijuana Business Daily reports.

The changes, which were revealed during a recent Reddit “Ask Me Anything” with Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) Chief Commercial Officer Cheri Mara, are expected to launch after the coronavirus pandemic.

The craft regulations framework would define “what craft means for the Ontario market,” Mara said. “And this definition is going to go beyond just marketing and actually reflect into the roots of craft cannabis growing in the legacy market.”

Mara said OCS will seek feedback when it has finished the regulations.

“The recognition from Canada’s largest cannabis distributor that craft products are substantially different from the factory-farmed options that currently dominate the shelves is a significant development,” said Mark Spear, CEO of Wildfire Collective, an Ottowa-based small-batch craft cannabis producer.

“How the OCS will define craft is the question that remains, but it appears they are taking this exercise seriously and have some of the industry’s top minds working on it.” — Spear, in a statement to MJBizDaily

Additionally, Mara revealed that OCS will be allowing on-site retail locations for licensed cannabis growers and producers. The plan to allow farm-gate sales would allow cultivators to sell directly to consumers.

Mara also announced that OCS indends to reduce retail prices and establish new rules for handling old inventory, selling cannabis seeds and, eventually, selling clones.

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