Marlborough Police Department Humorous Sign

Sgt. Zachary Byam

NH Police Take Cannabis, Leave Humor in Illicit Cannabis Grow Bust

Police in Marlborough, New Hampshire confiscated 25 cannabis plants growing on private land and then did something unexpected — they joked about it, reports The Boston Globe. Police not only left a laminated sign reading, “Sorry about your luck,” but also made a Facebook post sharing humorous facts with the unidentified — and unarrested — grower.

“FACT: Possessing small amounts of marijuana has been decriminalized in NH. FACT: This doesn’t mean you can grow 25 marijuana plants on someone else’s property. FACT: Using your fine-tuned horticultural skills to grow delicious organic tomatoes is much more rewarding and much more legal.” — Marlborough Police Department’s Facebook Page

The sign left by police also indicated that the plants could be claimed in person at the Marlborough Police Department (MPD) with a photo ID. While possession of small amounts of cannabis has been decriminalized in New Hampshire, cultivation and sale is still a felony. Hopefully, the grower in question knows better than to actually show up.

The Facebook post was written by Police Sgt. Zachary Byam, who said in a telephone interview with the Boston Globe that the department decided against an investigation into the identity of the grower because it would be too lengthy and costly.

“The best solution was to remove the plants and spread the word. It was one of those things where we had to draw the line somewhere, and I think that this was the best decision to be made.” — Sgt. Zachary Byam, in the report

There is no sign as favorable for the decline of cannabis prohibition as a light-hearted tone from law enforcement and no arrests, especially in a state that has yet to legalize adult-use cannabis. Hopefully, other law enforcement agencies in states where prohibition is still ongoing choose to copy the MPD’s strategy.

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