New York Tribe Files Civil Action Against Unlicensed Dispensaries

The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe has filed civil actions in Tribal Court against businesses they claim opened illegally to sell adult-use cannabis without permission from the tribe.

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The Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe has filed civil actions in Tribal Court against seven businesses they claim opened illegally to sell cannabis to adults without permission from the tribe, WWTI reports. The legal action came just three days after the tribe became the first in the state to pass an ordinance to allow adult-use sales.

Tribal leaders had initially sent cease-and-desist orders to four retail shops and, once the ordinance passed, those businesses operating without a license from the tribe put themselves at risk of being shut down and unable to apply for a legal license in the future.

Tribal Chief Eric Thompson previously told North Country Public Radio that cannabis retailers must follow the tribal processes “to ensure the regulations are completed in a responsible manner with community input.” He added that cannabis products sold on tribal land would be “approved and tested” and “regulated in a socially responsible manner.”

All of the dispensaries subject to the civil action remained open were provided a “last chance” deadline of July 1 to close and comply. The legal actions seek motions for temporary, preliminary, and permanent injunctions to enforce the cease-and-desist orders and civil fines of $1,000 for each day they violate the orders.

The Tribal Council last week also issued an announcement reminding individuals and businesses of signage restrictions that promote illegal activities or those that are prohibited under the tribe’s jurisdiction, according to WTTI. Signs promoting cannabis dispensaries have become common on State Route 37where four of the seven unlicensed dispensaries are operating.

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