MJ Activist and Former Reporter’s Alaska Cannabis Club Raided

Former news reporter and marijuana activist Charlo Greene, who caused a minor sensation on the internet last year by quitting her job on live TV last September, has made the news again, albeit not of her own volition. Police raided Greene’s Alaska Cannabis Club last Friday and served search warrants after having received reports of illegal marijuana sales.

Anchorage police confiscated marijuana and impounded a Dodge Dakota and a Jeep Liberty. The search warrant states that marijuana plants and derivatives, including “resins, oils, hashish or other THC derivatives, concentrates, [and] edibles” were being concealed in the cars and the club.

Despite the raid, Greene, whose legal name is Charlene Egbe, said she reopened the club the next day.

In an interview with KTVA, Greene defended the club as a medical dispensary: “We don’t sell any recreational marijuana. We don’t sell any medical marijuana. This is a place for cardholders to come and share their own cannabis.”

Alaska voters approved a ballot measure last year legalizing the recreational use of cannabis, but its sale remains illegal. The Anchorage Assembly also passed an ordinance in February that made it illegal to produce marijuana concentrates with flammable solvents without a valid license.




Photo Credit: mista stagga lee

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