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New Mexico Gov. Signs Decriminalization, Medical Cannabis Reforms

New rules in New Mexico will remove some criminal penalties for cannabis possession while another new law offers critical changes to the state’s medical cannabis program.

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New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham has signed legislation making critical changes to the state’s medical cannabis program and another decriminalization measure, according to NM Political Report.

The medical cannabis reforms include reciprocity with other state programs, allowing medical cannabis in schools, creating personal production licenses, extending renewal periods for patients from one to three years, and prohibiting employers from firing someone for being enrolled in the medical cannabis program, according to the NM Political Report.

The decriminalization measure replaces criminal with civil penalties or fines.

The law also protects parents from losing custody of their children if they are registered in the state’s medical cannabis program and protects children who are also patients from being targeted by the Children, Youth and Families Department. Youth patients will also be allowed to use medical cannabis products on some school properties so long as it does not disrupt the “education environment,” the report says. The law includes language allowing schools to opt out if they believe their federal funding could be at risk and language protecting children from being denied access to a school or classroom because they are medical cannabis patients.

The personal production licenses will allow patients to grow their own cannabis and send it to a state-licensed manufacturer for processing. The manufacturer – which are non-profit in the state – could process the patient-grown flower into edibles or extracts.

The law also includes language permitting medical cannabis consumption areas at licensed establishments approved by the New Mexico Department of Health.

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