Las Vegas Tribe Opening Largest Free-Standing Retail Cannabis Store in Nation

The Las Vegas Paiute Tribe is preparing to open what is believed to be the largest free-standing retail cannabis store in the country – a 15,000-square foot facility located less than a mile from downtown Las Vegas, KSNV reports. The shop, which is expected to open next month, will be called the Nu Wu Cannabis Marketplace.

The tribe already operates a discount tobacco shop and a golf course near the site; however, Tribal Chairman Benny Tso said sales at those businesses are slow and legal cannabis sales could be “an economic driver” for both the tribe and the region.

“Vegas is big for tourism and just like we do with our smoke shop and our golf resort … we’re looking to do the same with this,” he said in the report.

Tso indicated the marketplace will provide about 100 jobs, and while priority will be given to tribe members, there will be plenty of employment opportunities.

The tribe is required under the compact with the state to charge sales taxes in line with the rest of the state but those revenues will go to the tribe and not into state coffers. Tso said Nu Wu’s products will be priced competitively.



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