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Kentucky Gov. Says He Supports Medical Cannabis

Kentucky’s Republican Governor said he would support properly-worded medical cannabis legislation in the state, referencing personal experiences with a family member who had died from cancer.

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Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin told a community forum that he supports medical cannabis legalization in his state, according to The Associated Press.

Gov. Bevin referenced his experience with a young family member who had died in pain due to cancer when explaining his support for medical cannabis. Bevin said he would be “happy” to sign a medical cannabis bill in the state that would make medical cannabis legal in Kentucky.

Bevin, a Republican, said of potential medical cannabis patients, “They should have the ability to use a natural drug that exists to provide relief … when it is needed, where it can be prescribed and regulated as we would other such drugs.” Bevin went further on the issue, saying that no potential legislation should be developed solely to raise tax revenue for Kentucky.

Bevin, however, said emphatically that he would not support full adult-use legalization in Kentucky. Bevin refused to comment on the several pending medical cannabis bills in the state legislature, saying that he expected them to change before they reached his desk.

Republican support is important in Kentucky, as the GOP has complete control of the government in that state.

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