Idaho Tribe Moves to Allow Hemp Production

The Nez Perce Tribe in Idaho has proposed amending its Tribal Code to allow for hemp cultivation, processing, and distribution.

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The Nez Perce Tribe has proposed an amendment to its Tribal Code to allow hemp cultivation, processing, and distribution, the Lewiston Tribune reports. The tribe is based in Idaho which currently does not allow hemp production.   

Nez Perce Tribal Executive Committee Law and Order Subcommittee Chairman Arthur Broncheau said tribal leaders identified hemp as a potential source of revenue for the reservation “due to its versatility and organic nature.” He added that part of the program would be to educate people about the differences between hemp and THC-rich cannabis. 

“Because there is tremendous growth in sectors of the economy that rely on hemp, the Tribe believes hemp is an emerging market that can accomplish economic self-sufficiency and increase jobs in our region.” — Broncheau to the Tribune  

Tribal Executive Committee Vice Chairwoman Chantel Greene said that the reforms would “help improve the soil that is used for agricultural purposes currently and reconnect with a part of [the tribe’s] culture that has been lost.”  

“Our ancestors grew and utilized hemp for several reasons, including the creation of basic supplies, such as clothing and rope, and to support their health and wellbeing,” she said in the report.  

The plan would have to be approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as required under the 2018 federal Farm Bill that legalized hemp production nationwide. The agency has approved 35 hemp production plans for tribes, while six more remain under review, according to the USDA website.  

The Nez Perce Tribe is accepting community comments about the change prior to turning in a plan for USDA approval. 

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