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Home Grow Supplier Pivots to Sterilization Tents for Essential Workers

Home grow supply company Year-Round Garden is offering an all-in-one sterilization tent package after discovering a trend of essential workers using grow tent technology to sterilize clothing and accessories.

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Year-Round Garden, a home grow supply firm, announced it is selling at-home sterilization tent packages for essential workers during the COVID-19 crisis. The company said the offering is inspired by a customer who purchased a grow tent and set it up as a DIY sterilization tent.

According to YRG’s announcement, the customer — a hospital nurse who has a heightened risk of exposure to the virus — said she was inspired by the use of UVC lights in hospitals and food packaging plants.

“I did some research and discovered UVC lights (especially the spectrum between 240-280 nanometers) is on the list of approved sterilization practices for viral activity,” she wrote. “As I learned through my initial research, UVC light disrupts the DNA of viruses but does not penetrate the dermal layer.”

The nurse, who wished to remain anonymous, said the DIY sterilization tent gave her “peace of mind” upon returning home, knowing that “I have done everything in my power to reduce the risk of bringing the novel coronavirus home with me and spreading it to my family.” Additionally, the nurse said that many hospital coworkers were intrigued by her story and had started purchasing the supplies necessary for creating their own sterilization tents.

YRG said that when their stock of grow tents and UVC lights suddenly dried up, the company rushed to source an additional 450 grow tents and 500 UVC lights from warehouses around the U.S. to meet the new, heightened demand.

“Our business is all about listening to customers and delivering products they desire. So naturally, when a customer asked about UVC lights and grow tents – we were more than happy to answer the call and find a solution that worked for both them and anyone else who might find it valuable.” — Jason Mispagel, Owner/Operator of Year-Round Garden

The all-in-one sterilization tent offering includes a 2×2 ft. mylar-lined grow tent, a 60-watt UVC “corncob” bulb, an aluminum canister light, and a smart switch for timed exposure to the light; the whole package costs $139.00.

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