Hemp & CBD: How Science Is Surpassing The Snake Oil Stereotype

Promising hope of relieving all of life’s ailments, from physical to mental health, consumers are constantly challenged to seek out and understand the latest industry standards. Not to mention the hype and distraction of the latest health and wellness scams.

The truth is, put simply, some formulas fraud the long list of benefits derived from hemp and CBD use, making the safety and efficiency of public CBD and hemp use major topics of today. 

Being behind the scenes of the industry, identifying these fraudulent formulas seems simple. Unfortunately, with the power of PR and marketing pushing consumers to purchase “the best on the market” it’s actually quite easy for prospect users to fall victim to manipulation.

In order to truly legitimize, or discredit CBD and hemp products we have executed significant clinical hemp research. Recent safety, absorption, and diabetes research conducted provided some very interesting results. 

Currently, we are conducting studies surrounding the correlation between how a person’s DNA is expressed and how their body interacts with hemp. We have papers being published on absorption and safety of liposomal CBD. All of which are vital to fully understanding and harnessing the plethora of benefits from CBD and hemp formulas. If any. 

Our research shows how natural products, when properly delivered, are critical to maximizing health. I find it more important now than ever before, to focus on how these formulas work and bring new perspectives, innovative ideas and health concepts to the forefront. 

How to get holistic about hemp and CBD use

One of the most important aspects of nutrition is not necessarily what we eat, but what our bodies actually absorb. When we ingest dietary supplements, high doses of them can be absorbed into the body via the intestinal tract. 

However, significant amounts of the supplements get destroyed by the digestive system before it has a chance to be absorbed. This is why liposomal technology is so important in our studies. 

Why does this matter?

Liposomes are nano-sized bubbles with an external shell comprised of healthy lipids (fats) and a hollow liquid center. Liposomes can be loaded with supplemental substances. Fundamentally, this is the way that your body wants to absorb nutrients.

In recent years, we worked to invent a whole new way of making liposomes as a copy to how they are produced naturally. This next generation technology has developed a way for liposomes, or these fat globules, to wrap around nutrients the same way that this occurs naturally helping the body to recognize nutrients and resulting in better delivery. 

Since the liposome is all-natural and consists of the healthy fats that are good for you, your body uses the entire thing, and nothing goes to waste.

With this in mind, we developed the CELLg8™ technology to combat the issue of reduced bioavailability by using naturally-occurring lipids as a sheath to preserve actives during digestion. This method of delivery is incredibly important in regard to the bioavailability and benefits of CBD and hemp formulas. These statements are backed by human clinical studies of CELLg8.

The verdict:

When deciding to incorporate any lifestyle supplement into your routine, it is recommended to research the background studies supporting that formula to avoid confusions and misconceptions that come with mass-market products.

The CELLg8 technology, for example, has a lot of science behind it. The promise of lifestyle supplements such as CBD and hemp products is finally being fulfilled by liposomes because it has increased the bioavailability of nutrients. 

So instead of taking multiple doses in one sitting, you can take a small amount of liposomal formula with nearly complete absorption, thanks to science.



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