Florida Poll: THC Caps Unpopular, Support for Cannabis Growing

A recent Florida poll found a strong majority of respondents disapprove of capping THC content in legal cannabis and that support for medical and adult-use cannabis is continuing to grow.

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A recent poll commissioned by Florida for Care found that support for medical cannabis in the state has increased and there is little support in the state for THC caps, Florida Politics reports.

The survey found that Floridians’ approval for medical cannabis has increased from the 71 percent who originally voted to approve the medical cannabis measure five years ago to now 76 percent of poll respondents. Only 17 percent of the respondents disapproved of medical cannabis.

Meanwhile, the idea of THC caps for legal cannabis — which recently received a hearing in the Florida legislature and have been introduced in multiple states around the country — was supported by just 24 percent of poll respondents. 58 percent were outright opposed to the idea of limiting THC in cannabis products.

“This confirms what anybody paying attention at all knows. Floridians across party lines and in huge numbers support medical marijuana, and by almost a 4-to-1 margin, people want more access to medical marijuana versus new restrictions like the THC caps the Legislature is proposing.” — Ben Pollara, executive director of Florida For Care, via Florida Politics

According to the report, the poll leans slightly conservative with 50 percent of respondents saying they voted for ex-President Donald Trump in the most recent election and 46 percent having voted for President Joe Biden.

In what may be more of a commentary on respondents’ trust in their government, more than 60 percent called the push to regulate THC levels in cannabis an attempt by legislators to ignore the will of Florida voters. Meanwhile, just 40 percent believed that Gov. Ron DeSantis (D) cares about medical cannabis patients, and 53 percent said that lawmakers do not care about cannabis patients.

On the question of medical cannabis access, 58 percent said they would like to see an expansion of the practice, 20 percent feel the “status quo” is adequate, and only 15 percent would like more restrictions. Only 6 percent of the poll respondents were themselves medical cannabis patients.

Finally, the poll found that adult-use cannabis has the support of 59 percent of Floridians and only 31 percent are opposed.

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