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Florida Congress Votes to Eliminate Cannabis Smoking Ban

Both houses of the Florida state Congress have now approved the legislation by landslide votes. The bill overturning Florida’s cannabis smoking ban now proceeds to Gov. Ron DeSantis’ desk.

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The Florida House of Representatives has voted to approve legislation that would rescind the state’s ban on smoking medical cannabis. The state’s full Congress has now officially approved the measure, Forbes reports.

SB 182 passed the state House by a significant 101-11 margin in favor. The bill has already been approved by the Senate in a similarly wide margin of 34-4 in favor.

“I thank the Florida Legislature for taking action on medical marijuana and upholding the will of the voters.” — Gov. Ron DeSantis, on Twitter

SB 182 contains other changes to the medical cannabis program as well, such as tripling the previous limit of cannabis that doctors can order at one time — the new limit is now a six-month supply. This will reduce the number of doctor visits required by medical cannabis patients.

SB 182 also sets the standard that only minors with terminal illnesses will be able to smoke cannabis, among other small changes.

Gov. Ron DeSantis had tasked the legislature with getting a bill to rescind the smoking ban on his desk by March 15, which they have now successfully done. DeSantis is expected to sign the bill into law.

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