EVRI Starter Pack Vape Review

The Ganjapreneur team recently put the EVRI starter pack — a 3-in-1 Dab and Vape piece from Dip Devices — to the test.

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Dip Devices was founded on creating pieces that give dab quality hits without the torch. Each of their pieces is both multi-functional and portable, like the EVRI Starter Pack. The EVRI lets you dab wax, hit a vape pen, and even a nicotine pod if you’re into that. At Ganjapreneur, we only used the first two functions, the dabber and the vape cartridge.

EVRI vape’s main component is the battery which connects magnetically to each of the three types of attachments. These novel magnetic functions are not only fun to use but they hold well and pull apart with the perfect pressure, not loosening over the weeks that we’ve tested it. The slim, pocket-sized piece still has a great battery life and charges quickly and the design itself is smart and built to last. After rattling around in backpacks and pockets over the course of a few weeks the EVRI vape has very little wear and tear. The thick sturdy plastic and powder-coated siding are built to last and doesn’t feel cheap or like it will burn through your trousers while on a long hike.

The Ganjapreneur team came to some relevant and noteworthy first-hand conclusions about what it’s like to use the EVRI starter pack. We generally dabbed SHO extract & carts from Constellation Cannabis in strains like Blueberry Muffins, Mai Tai, GMO, Sub-X Hawaiian Dutch and Gabriel’s beloved pheno Sunny G. It was a pleasurable piece to use but isn’t the most discreet for dabbing. Dipping the EVRI into the extract container isn’t lowkey while out on a hike or hitting some wax real quick out the window, but it can be made more discreet if you put a little dab on the tip and then hit the trail. In addition, it’s still more under the radar than the other piece from the brand Big Dipper, which is much longer and comes in shiny chrome. While using the EVRI it’s a good idea to clean it after each session, this keeps the oil from running up the body of the vape. It is also important to note that sometimes the 510 threaded vape cartridges can get stuck in the chamber, which makes removing the cartridge a struggle.

This piece is truly versatile and a great way to consume extracts. The EVRI Starter pack is truly that: a great starter pack for someone looking to explore wax, cartridges, and probably nicotine cartridges too. We would recommend this piece for the extract beginner or someone that wants a great hit on the trail, on the road, or just without a torch.

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