eBottles.com Announces Award of US Design Patent D781151

eBottles.com, a leading online supplier of glass and plastic containers, announced today that it has been granted design patent D781151 by the US Patent and Trademark Office for their line of cosmetic thick wall glass jars with symmetric child resistant closures.

In remarks during a recent announcement to employees and other stakeholders, Robert Lerman, President of eBottles.com, declared that the company had been issued the design patent for their unique design which pairs child resistant closures with cosmetic thick wall glass jars.

The combination of the special neck finish tooled glass jars and smooth top child resistant closures yields a new cosmetic glass package capable of meeting the rigorous standards of the Poison Prevention Package Act with Re-securing Effectiveness per Code of Federal Regulations Title 16, Part 1700. The jar was created with the particular needs of the cannabis industry in mind.

Mr. Lerman declared that he was very proud of the team that had produced an aesthetically pleasing design for marketers who are required to package their products in child-resistant packages. “We all share a great sense of gratification from this design patent award. Many hours of hard work and dedication went into this design which is unique in our industry and which will set the standard for combining attractive packaging with effective child-resistant design.”

The new glass jars available in 5 ml and 9 ml sizes have been on the market since October 2015. The company has also recently introduced a new 15 ml 53mm size.

Responding to the needs of the cannabis industry’s expanding focus on concentrate products, the eBottles team created its new line of cosmetic thick wall jars with the particular needs of concentrate products in mind. Mr. Lerman stated: “Cannabis industry leaders told us that they were dissatisfied with the current choices for concentrate packages.” Customers were concerned about the clear styrene jewel cases being used believing that the dabbing process included a risk of scraping plastic into the product. The expensive silicone choice was also problematic as the silicone was seen as absorbing terpenes. Further, neither of these packages were child-resistant, requiring the addition of secondary child-resistant packaging, adding labor and cost.

The eBottles solution was to create economical glass jars which could satisfy the industry demands of product safety, ease of use, cosmetic appearance and most importantly a package that would maintain child resistance throughout its useful life. The insides of the jars are rounded allowing heated concentrates to pool in the middle of the jar, providing the consumer the ability to gain easy access to all of the valuable contents.

The 5 ml 28mm jar has been well received by marketers of distillates, isolates, and saps. The 5 ml jar package includes child-resistant closures lined with a foil and Mylar laminate construction designed specifically for high terpene content products. The 9 ml 38mm jar is a hit with marketers of solid THC-based concentrates such as shatter and wax. The new 15 ml 53mm jar expands the company’s offering to include a size capable of holding multiple grams of concentrates.

Brett Mouser, CEO of Mahatma Concentrates a leading manufacturer of concentrate products stated, “These new glass jars provide the quality image that mirrors the Mahatma brand. We could not be more happy with our switch from plastic to glass containers and the customer response has been overwhelmingly positive. In particular, customers love the ability to see the product through the base of the jar and we love the fact that customers can see the purity and quality of our product prior to purchase.”

eBottles.com offers high-end products from US, Asian, and European manufacturers. With multiple distribution centers in the US, eBottles ships most orders within 24 hours. eBottles’ headquarters is based in Jupiter, Florida. Distribution centers are located in Bethel, CT; Denver, CO; and Los Angeles, CA.

For more information, please contact the Customer Relations Department at eBottles.com 561-203-2779

You can visit their website at http://www.ebottles420.com.