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Before electronic nails, dabbing was one of those things that you either loved or hated because of the need to use a crème brúleé torch to heat the nail. Some found the torch exciting and edgy and elitist while others could not imagine how putting a flaming torch in the hand of someone about to take a hit of super-concentrated THC could be a good idea. Indeed, it looked so much like doing hard drugs that it put a lot of people off and the media had a field day pontificating on how dabbing was a new drug scourge. They rarely mentioned how dabbing was helping so many patients with chronic and acute pain. They also never realized that dabbing is to cannabis as whiskey is to beer; a more concentrated version for a certain kind of enthusiast.

Electric nails are swiftly changing that initial impression. An eNail replaces the torch by using a nail that is attached to an electronic device that brings the dab nail to the desired temperature without any flame at all. While I am sure some love the hardcore nature of using a torch, dabbing as a whole will definitely get a boost from the arrival of the eNail.

First off, it is far safer to use than a torch. There are fewer burns and less desktop fires when there is no flame used. Certainly, you can burn yourself by touching a hot eNail but the risk is greatly reduced overall.

Second, the dabber has far greater control over the dabbing temperature with an eNail. It was always a challenge with a torch to know when the exact target temperature was attained. Dabbers tended to hit especially hot dabs this way causing a loss of taste and running the risk of converting terpenes into secondary volatile carcinogens. With an eNail you can set it and forget it. Just dial in your temperature and go.

Storage case for the Dab.Land electric nail.

This convenience is attracting new dabbers every day. No longer needing to look like a hard drug user and with this new ease of use, more tokers are finding the joys of inhaling pure cannabis oil and skipping the inhalation of the cannabis plant material.

Dab.Land has released a line of very nice eNails at a price that makes trying out dabbing much more accessible. These nails are every bit as reliable and well designed as those first-generation nails being sold at twice the price. Dab.Land has taken the best manufacturing techniques from first-generation nails and blended it with proven components and cool style.

The Dab.Land kit comes with everything you need to get started. The nail comes factory set at 700 Celsius and includes a carrying case, heating coil (20mm), power cord, two-piece Ti2 universal nail, Ti carb cap and 3 Dab.Land stickers.  They also sell them in limited edition themed boxes. There is a 1-year limited warranty on all digital parts too because they truly stand behind their products.

We received the Hot Pink version in the office and everyone immediately fell in love. The carrying case matched the nail box in Hot Pink and was well packaged and orderly. The review team had it assembled and warming up in under 90 seconds and were dabbing another two minutes later. We were all impressed with how fast it got to temp and how nice it was to not have to break out a torch.

Since the nail stays hot, there is a strong reason to micro-dab to better control dosage and to switch happily between strains in order to build exactly the kind of experience you want. In our first test, we used some CO2 extracted Grape Ape from Green Lion Farms to give us some end of the workday relaxation followed by some Girl Scout Cookies rosin from Thinc Pure to add a level of euphoria. Because the temp was set perfectly we were able to taste both in all of their glory without scorching them.

Everyone involved in the review has now moved over to using an eNail daily and we all agreed that the eNail kit from Dab.Land is a solid choice for anyone from novice to advanced dabber.

You can find out more here: www.Dab.Land

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