Colorado Cannabis Company Facing $45K in Fines for Festival Violations

Denver Packaging Co. must pay a $15,000 fine for displaying products at its booth during the city’s Mile High 420 festival last April while regulators hold an additional $30,000 fine in suspension for a year, in case of future violations.

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A Colorado cannabis company is facing $45,000 in fines due to violations at Denver’s Mile High 420 festival last April, the Denver Post reports. Denver Packaging Co., which also operates as Keef Brands, admitted to seven violations, including unlawful acts and packaging and labeling violations, according to city documents issued last week outlined by the Post.  

The fines stemming from the festival are due to the company having products on-site at the festival, a violation of city and event rules. During the event, Denver Department of Excise and License Inspector Brooke Bearman said she had visited the company’s booth and witnessed products on display, a large advertising sign, and two coolers full of products. Event organizer Adam Schmidt told Bearman that “he had communicated with sponsors that they were not allowed to have any product onsite,” according to city documents outlined by the Post. 

When told about the violations, Denver Packaging Co. Owner Andrew Veron removed the products from the event. 

“Denver Packaging Co. takes pride that for nearly the entirety of its eight years operating in Colorado, it never ran into any regulatory issues or complaints. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding on April 20th occurred between third-brand promoters, city investigators, and our staff, culminating in a documented violation by local regulators. (The city’s) allegations were very serious, and we accept full responsibility for our actions.” — Vernon, in an email to the Post    

Following the event, the Department of Excise ordered the company to appear on July 21 to show why its retail and medical MIP manufacturer licenses shouldn’t be suspended or revoked. The order signed last week allows the company to continue to be licensed, the report says.  

The company will have to pay a $15,000 fine immediately, while an additional $30,000 fine is being held in suspension for a year, in case of future violations. Denver Packaging Co. must pay the fines within 90 days. 

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