Cannabis Training Curriculum for Doctors Announced By Healthcare Education Group

The Society of Cannabis Clinicians is set to release new medical cannabis training curriculum for medical professionals on February 8.

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The Society of Cannabis Clinicians (SCC) — a 501(c)(3) non-profit made up of expert clinicians and researchers — is releasing a new clinical medical cannabis training curriculum for medical professionals. Twelve of the twenty two training courses will be available remotely starting February 8, 2021. SCC members will receive 20% off of all educational offerings.

A recent study conducted by the SCC showed that 56% of clinicians felt that there was adequate information available to ethically practice cannabis medicine; however, according to a study conducted with medical patients in Vermont, only 18% of patients reported that their provider was a good source of information on medical cannabis. This divide is an issue that the SCC has been working to reconcile since its founding in 1999. The SCC’s latest offering will provide clinicians with a multi-pronged approach to understanding cannabis medicine and clinicians will leave with tools for better serving medical cannabis patients.

In the new educational modules, clinicians and researchers will learn how to build medical cannabis treatment regimens personalized to patient needs. They will also get access to an in-depth look at the endocannabinoid system and how it relates to cannabis as an application for a wide variety of conditions.

“The endocannabinoid system is an integral component to many bodily functions, and we still have much to uncover about its impact on human health. The fact that medical professionals are not taught about this vital signaling system in their training is detrimental to our ability to accurately understand disease pathology and is a disservice to public health. The SCC’s commitment to teaching cannabinoid science is guided by a responsibility to provide the best evidence-based patient care.” — SCC Program Director Christine Milentis

Researchers and clinicians who are looking to engage with this new educational offering can access individual modules or full course packages on the Society of Cannabis Clinicians website. Each module is optimized for desktop and mobile, so it can be accessed from anywhere. People who sign up for SCC membership will receive a discount on courses and gain full access to the resources made available after joining.

The SCC is currently raising funds to support the development of this educational endeavor. Each module offers critical education that is missing from most health professional training schools and continuing clinical education programs. Membership and individual donations financially support the non-profit’s mission. The group is currently working to meet a new donation goal to continue bridging the gap between cannabis medicine and medical practitioners.

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