Washington Cannabis Tours: Educating the Public and Making a Difference

Many experts predicted the rise of ancillary businesses around the new legal marijuana experiments happening in some states. Some obvious start ups are in marijuana consumption products, marijuana growing supplies, legal services and security. One of the more unexpected trends is in marijuana transportation services and tourism.

Chronic Carriages is a Seattle-based cab service. Chuck, the owner, was working as an Uber driver and said he got the idea one day when he had the opportunity to help an elderly woman. “It was in that moment I was helping her up that our slogan ‘A lift up after you have landed’ popped in my head.” After that chance inspiration, Chronic Carriages was born.

Nicole, Chuck’s wife and co-founder of Chronic Carriages says, “We want to educate the public about marijuana, have fun, help feed and clothe the homeless. The caring car service is a socially aware business.”

Chuck started first helping low income and disabled patients to and from dispensaries. He has quickly expanded to doing airport pickups and marijuana tours. “We did our first group tour last week,” he said. “Since the passengers had their medical licenses we took them to a member’s only smoking club, and later a glass shop in Seattle.” With their sights set on Washington DC’s possible new legal market, Chronic Carriages is looking to expand. Chronic Carriages has also started a “Hemp for the Hungry Food Bucket Challenge” to help feed homeless individuals in the Seattle area.

South of Seattle in Tacoma, the Duchess of Downtown – Angela Jossy – has expanded her successful tour and event promotion business to include a cannabis tour.

Angela, whose tour includes information on medical marijuana and the availability of recreational marijuana, said, “On our first tour we had many people who were curious about the new law, and some who were getting reacquainted with marijuana.” Two of the main attractions on her tour are Silica’s, a glass shop located in the heart of downtown Tacoma, and Mary Mart, a recently opened recreational marijuana shop.

The tour later leaves downtown for two other retail marijuana stores, Rainier on Pine and Clear Choice Cannabis. “I really see the tour as a way to… educate the public on the topic of marijuana, which has been vilified for so many years, in addition to helping small businesses.” She continues, “We are helping what many see as the heart of Downtown Tacoma, Opera Alley, remain a thriving part of our city, and helping [other] businesses all around Tacoma and Pierce County.” Angela hosted the 2nd Cannabis Tour on December 6th, and plans to put on a 3rd tour in February.

As curious cannabis consumers learn more about the world’s most misunderstood plant, we can begin to undo the damage done by the War On Drugs. Businesses like Chronic Carriages and the Duchess of Downtown are leading the way to a more fact-based outlook on cannabis. Other businesses can take a page from their playbook, and give back to the local community and neighboring businesses. As other states legalize and liberalize the use of marijuana, these types of educational tours will be important to keep the public properly informed about cannabis.

Photo Credit: Oran Viriyincy

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