Cannabis Automation: Post-Harvest Processing and Machine Bucking

In the ever-evolving cannabis industry, cultivators are seeking economies of scale to help process their harvests. Growers increasingly demand reliable and efficient harvesting solutions. For larger-scale farms and commercial operations, the post-harvest process was traditionally very time-consuming and cumbersome. As new technologies are introduced with advanced features, cultivators are able to reduce their processing time and increase consistency with their products.

At the beginning of the post-harvest process, cannabis flowers are removed from their stems to be prepped for drying, curing, trimming, and ultimately, retail sale. Traditionally, cannabis was processed by hand and required hours of manual labor with the high possibility of inconsistent results. Experienced workers had to meticulously remove the delicate flowers from their stems without damaging or breaking apart the buds.

With modern cannabis buckers like the Mobius MBX, cultivators and processors can drastically reduce the time from harvest to sale while improving their waste management and overall process workflow. The design and technology behind the MBX ensure precision bucking with minimal labor and errors during the process. Flowers are carefully separated from their stems and stalks, and the buds gently fall to a collection tote below the machine at a rate of up to 150 lbs per hour.

Improving Efficiency With A Cannabis Bucker

One of the most significant advantages of the Mobius MBX Bucker is its ability to increase productivity while minimizing waste. The MBX has an integrated stem chipper that cuts the stems into small pieces, reducing the size and output volume of green waste material by 25x. The chipped stems are collected below the machine and easily disposed of for reduced waste disposal and transportation costs.

By centralizing waste management, cultivators can streamline their operations and maintain a more efficient workflow. This not only reduces the costs and hassles associated with bucking but also aligns with the industry’s growing emphasis on sustainability and responsible practices.

Machine bucking lends itself to faster processing times, operating at impressive speeds while ensuring no damage to the flower. By automating the bucking process, cultivators can process larger volumes of cannabis at a time, reducing their post-harvest processing cycle. With consistent performance and uniform results from a bucking machine, cultivators not only save time, but they also deliver higher yields of premium-grade flower.

As the cannabis industry continues to expand, the need for automation equipment like the Mobius MBX Bucker becomes more apparent. Cultivators can optimize their workflow, save money and time, and ultimately deliver a superior product to the market.


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