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California Governor Signs Bill Fining Cannabis Use in Vehicles, Vetoes Packaging Measure

Under a California bill signed by Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday, drivers and passengers in a vehicle caught consuming cannabis will be fined $70, the Los Angeles Times reports. The law includes smoking, vaping, or consuming cannabis-infused edibles, and is similar to the state’s open container law for alcohol.

Sen. Jerry Hill, a Democrat, said the law was necessary because a 2012 California Office of Traffic Safety found that more weekend nighttime drivers in the state tested positive for cannabis than alcohol. Under the adult-use regime, it is illegal to possess an open bag of cannabis in a vehicle and to drive while under the influence.

Gov. Brown vetoed another bill that would have prohibited cannabis packaging that might appeal to children. According to the report, he said the administration is drafting its own rules to keep cannabis away from kids.

California’s Bureau of Cannabis Control released their draft rules on Sept. 6, which include packaging requirements. According to the proposals, all cannabis products would feature a label that includes the phrase “Keep out of reach of children.” The BCC indicates that the most common symptoms associated with cannabis ingestion by children are “lethargy, coma, inability to walk, and vomiting.”

The draft rules are subject to 30-day public comment. The law signed by Brown takes effect immediately.


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