A commercial jet takes off from the Las Vegas International Airport in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Broad Proposal Would Ban Cannabis Advertisements in Las Vegas Airport

During a public hearing by the Clark County Commission, which encompasses Las Vegas’ McCarren International Airport, commissioners proposed an ordinance that would ban cannabis advertisements and make cannabis possession illegal on all airport-owned properties, according to a report from Aviation Pros. However, if approved as-is, cannabis advertisements could also be banned from vehicles carrying passengers to and from the airport, such as taxis.

Nevada Director of Aviation Rosemary Vassiliadis said the ordinance was an effort to keep the airport in federal compliance but not to control “the transient vehicles that come through the airport.” She said her staff would work to clear up the wording; however several commissioners expressed interest in keeping the language of the proposal broad.

“I don’t want it anywhere,” said Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick, the board’s most outspoken opponent of legalized cannabis, in the report.

Commissioner Larry Brown said he would like to see the board “go to the limit” in reigning in industry advertising.

“Ban everything related to recreational and medical marijuana,” he said. “Once (the industries) have a track record, we can adjust.”

Vassiliadis told the commissioners that the advertising ordinance “has to be realistic.”

The commission ultimately made no decision on the proposal, tabling it for 30 days while they seek input from the state Taxicab Authority, Green Ribbon Advisory Panel, and other interested parties.

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