Brief: Israeli Company Develops New Hospital-Grade Vaporizer

An Israeli start-up company has developed a new vaporizer that they claim will help grant doctors the confidence to safely prescribe medical marijuana.

The vaporizer, called the Syqe Inhaler, is designed to be the world’s first vaporizing device that will offer a metered dose of cannabis. This means there will be no more ambiguity about the amount of medicine you should take to treat your symptoms. The Syqe Inhaler uses granules of cannabis rather than raw flowers, so the amount of medicine used can be easily measured and professionally standardized. Designers describe their new product as a “pharmaceutical method for cannabis dosing.”

In Israel — which, with more than 20,000 patients registered, has one of the largest medical marijuana programs in the world — vaporizers are already an increasingly popular method of cannabis consumption. Widely considered to be a healthier alternative to smoking, vaporizing marijuana eliminates the harmful toxins that are released by conventional smoking methods.

Early testing of the device has yielded positive results: a study involving eight patients with neuropathic pain found that using the Syqe Inhaler led to a 45% reduction in pain intensity, with such relief averaging 90 minutes per dose.

The Syqe Inhaler is not yet publicly available, but is expected to appear in Israeli hospitals by the end of 2014. The design team hopes to raise $10 to 15 million in order to begin offering the device for home users.


Photo Credit: Centophobia


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