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Sarah Climaco

A measure introduced in Arizona’s Senate would require medical cannabis testing for mold and agricultural chemicals and reduce the annual fees paid by cardholders from $150 to $50, and just $25 for a renewal. The measure, introduced by Republican Sen. Sonny Borrelli, would use $2 million from the state’s medical cannabis fund to test the products.

The legislation has received bi-partisan support, counting 78 of the state’s 90-member Legislature as co-sponsors, including leaders from both the House and Senate. The measure would require the Department of Agriculture to do the testing.

In a statement to ABC15, the Arizona Dispensary Association applauded the move.

“SB 1420 may mark the beginning of a seismic shift for medical cannabis in the state. The sponsor is a senior Republican, a committee chairman, and a conservative. The fact that he is leading the way on these improvements to the program is a terrific starting point and a remarkable example of what can be accomplished when the state’s leadership and the cannabis industry are working together.” – Joe DeMenna, ADA spokesman

According to the report, the legislation, eventually, could lead to potency testing by appropriating funds from the medical cannabis fund, which currently has about $35 million available.

The measure would need to be approved by three-fourths of the Legislature because it amends a voter-approved law. It is on the legislative calendar for Jan. 31.

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