Advanced Nutrients Reports $250,000 Worth of Stock Stolen

Cannabis supply company Advanced Nutrients says a shipment worth $250,000 was stolen during transit from its Washington-based facility to a warehouse in Valencia, California.

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Advanced Nutrients, one of the cannabis industry’s biggest and most successful cultivation nutrient brands, reported this week that a truck carrying a shipment of $250,000 worth of nutrients was stolen.

The truck and trailer — which were en route from the company’s main facility in Woodland, Washington to a warehouse in Valencia, California — were reported stolen in Riverdale and later recovered in Oakland, but the truck had been “ransacked;” its contents, $250,000 worth of cannabis nutrients, were missing.

The stolen truck, which was eventually recovered in Oakland, California. Photo credit: Advanced Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients founder Michael Straumietis said that the cannabis growers who rely on their product will emerge as the theft’s “real victims” once the supply chain break is fully realized.

“Cultivating high-quality cannabis is how they make a living. I can only hope that the cannabis grown from these stolen nutrients will go toward easing some of the pain and suffering in the world right now. Because make no mistake, cannabis is helping to heal humanity. However, it’s unfortunate someone felt the need to steal from our community.” — Straumietis, in a press release

Clarie Darnell, a spokesperson for Advanced Nutrients, told the Fresno Bee that the firm had hired a shipping company to deliver the product and the driver had stopped overnight when the grand theft occurred. Darnell said that the shipment was insured.

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