420 Purifier Review

The 420 Purifier is a high-performance smoke purifier meant for people who prefer to light up inside. It all began with a couple of friends who enjoyed burning herb together at their home. But roommates and neighbors complained about the dank aromatics that each sesh left in the house. The group decided that they should build a tabletop gadget to purify the stench out of the smoke rather than take their sessions outside. They also hoped that the high-end object would fit seamlessly into a well-decorated home. What they crafted has met these objectives with ease. 

Despite its boxed shape, the gadget is sleek and could be mistaken for a speaker or small amp. It is a sturdy, well-built piece of engineering that comes in two colors. The sleek design combined with a choice between ‘White Pine’ and ‘Blue Mahoo’ is what allows the device to blend in with home or office decor. The machine was engineered with the help of the faculty of Engineering at the University of Maribor, Slovenia, and is built to last. Each 420 Purifier should work well with little maintenance for years to come — for optimal functionality, the carbon filter inside should be replaced yearly. To prove it, the company grants each purchase a 1-year warranty.

To use the 420 Purifier plug it in, switch it on and light up a joint. For the best results blow the smoke directly into the box and watch it come back out of the top vent with a brand new bouquet. The fan mechanism does emit a whirring that is louder than a desktop fan and quieter than a vacuum cleaner. My hard of hearing partner would probably be hard to use this with, but for those of us that reviewed it, it wasn’t a bother.

To test the appliance we simply lit up, blowing smoke directly in every few hits. We burned one gram of proper smelly cannabis and hit the timer. In order to really smell how the smoke could be purified, I drank a bit of coffee and took some big whiffs of the beans as well to cleanse my palate. After 15 minutes with the door closed, the air in the room where the joint was burned felt a bit lighter and fresher but definitely smelled like cannabis. After 30 minutes the aroma was pretty much gone except for a light remnant. It was at the 45-minute mark that the cannabis smell was masked into a sweeter scent, one that is familiar but hard to identify. After an hour the room smelled pretty much normal.

Switching the smoke purifier on is meant to clear the air, but don’t expect a miracle. For example, those who are hoping to mask the smell of smoke from a Resident Advisor policing their dorm floor will be disappointed because while you smoke, it will definitely still smell. However, someone who is enjoying their time at home and hoping not to infringe on the airspace of their neighbors, roommates, partners, etc. will find the 420 Purifier more than satisfactory.

There are some great uses for this small carbon filtered fan. We would recommend this to any steady cannabis user who cohabitates with someone who hates the smell of smoke. It would also be a wonderful amenity for hotels and bed & breakfast owners who allow smoking in their rooms. For these purposes, we think that this is a fantastic product. 

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