Wonderland Nursery to Host Top California Breeders on Live Facebook Stream

Even though our industry is young and growing fast, there are a lot of events that get repeated over and over. Award ceremonies, cannabis cups, and advocacy gatherings seem to be commonplace. In view of that, it is incredibly refreshing to see Wonderland Nursery in Humboldt County hosting a series of events unlike any other we have seen to date.

Starting Friday this week on March 3rd, Wonderland Nursery will host some of the top cannabis breeders in the country for informal meet and greets at their location in Garberville, California. Each Friday from noon until 4:00 pm PST, three to four breeders will be on-site answering questions and hanging out with growers and other friends. For most of us, Garberville is a long way to drive so they are also going to live Facebook stream the event for 30 minutes at the bottom of each hour! That means you can tune in and participate in conversations with some of your favorite breeders several times during every Friday afternoon in March.

This event is the invention of Wonderland Nursery founder Kevin Jodrey and creates an opportunity for passionate breeders across the country to hear other top breeders and ask live questions via the Facebook stream. Sponsors include both the Shaping Fire podcast and Ganjier Solutions.

The schedule is a veritable ‘who’s who’ of Northern California breeding masters.

 March 3rd will have Equilibrium Seeds, Bohdi Seeds, Coastal Seed Co. and Dos Perros Seeds.

  • FB Live session at 12:30PM
  • BOHDI SEEDS – Brett McKay
  • FB Live session at 1:30PM
  • COASTAL SEED CO. – Bamboo
  • FB Live session at 2:30PM
  • DOS PERROS SEEDS – Brett McKay
  • FB Live session at 3:30PM

Each guest will speak about their own specific genetic stock as found at Wonderland Nursery. This is an incredible opportunity to ask your questions either in person or online.

Bamboo from Coastal Seeds has appeared on the Ganjapreneur podcast and you can hear that episode here.

The upcoming breeders for the rest of the Fridays in March include:

  • Rebel Grown
  • MTG Seeds
  • South Fork Seeds
  • Emerald Mountain Seeds
  • Dragon with Matches
  • CSI Humboldt
  • HBK Farms
  • Boneyard Genetics
  • Biovortex
  • Humboldt Seed Company
  • Aficionado – Mean Gene
  • SoHum Seeds
  • The Soil King

Check out www.wonderlandnursery.com/events/ to see the other upcoming vendors’ schedules!

Be sure to put a reminder on your calendar for every Friday in March and check out the full schedule of breeders at Wonderland Nursery.