The West Virginia State Capitol Building in Charleston, West Virginia.

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West Virginia’s medical cannabis legislation has passed the House of Delegates and has been sent to Gov. Jim Justice who is expected to sign the bill, West Virginia Public Broadcasting reports. However, the bill does not allow smoking or edibles and the state will not begin to issue industry licenses until at least July 1, 2019.

The measure, which passed 74-24, allows access to the medical cannabis program for patients suffering from wasting syndrome, anorexia, cachexia, chronic pain for which standard medication does not relieve, severe nausea and muscle spasms, seizures, “refractory generalized anxiety disorder,” post-traumatic stress disorder, and those admitted to hospice care. According to the report, House leadership has indicated that under the regime patients are allowed to make their own edibles from purchased oils.

Patients would be required to be certified by the Bureau for Public Health and could obtain a 30-day supply from a licensed dispensary. Under the measure, the state would permit 10 cultivators and 30 dispensaries. Growers would be subject to a $50,000 initial fee and $5,000 renewal fee. Dispensaries would be required to pay a $10,000 fee per dispensary location and a renewal fee of $2,500. A 6 percent excise tax will be added onto sales.

West Virginia will become the 29th state with access to medical cannabis if the governor signs the bill.

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