Wellness Startup GoGenics Raises $3.2M and Introduces FOCL Premium CBD Drops

GoGenics raises $3.2 million and launches innovative brand FOCL: a suite of CBD products including FOCL Day & Night wellness stacks and FOCL Premium CBD drops

LOS ANGELES — (BUSINESS WIRE) — FOCL, a wellness brand dedicated to leveraging the power of CBD for healthy living, today announced it has launched new FOCL Premium CBD Drops designed to give a pure, precisely dosed, full-spectrum CBD experience. FOCL parent company, GoGenics, raised $3.2M from prominent investors. The company was formed to explore CBD’s vast potential for helping people achieve healthier and more vibrant lives. The launch of the FOCL brand taps the potential of CBD and blends it with a collection of proven adaptogens and botanicals—like Lion’s Mane and Ashwagandha—to enhance individual performance.

“FOCL was created to combine the best ingredients in nature and harness them to help us all achieve peak performance,” said GoGenics CEO & Co-Founder Ken Lawson. “As a lifelong believer in natural supplements to enhance my lifestyle, I was searching for a product that can meet all of my needs: focus, sleep, anti-anxiety, and a feeling of general well-being. I also wanted something that I could trust and know was sourced from the best, natural ingredients. After exploring the marketplace to find solutions that are fully transparent and leverage all of the supplements I need to thrive, I created FOCL. And our new Premium CBD drops taste great!”

“As a scientist, I’m very interested and excited by the potential health benefits related to CBD and other plant based supplements,” said Tom Boone, formerly a leading scientist at Amgen and investor in GoGenics. “I have been very impressed with FOCL’s responsible and transparent approach to bringing high quality CBD and other plant based supplements to the market.”

FOCL now offers doctor formulated, vegan, Non-GMO, gluten free, third-party lab tested CBD products. CBD Wellness Stacks come as Day and Night capsules. The FOCL Day formula is designed to maximize focus and productivity while the FOCL Night blend helps anyone calm a busy mind and fall asleep to wake up well rested. FOCL Premium CBD Drops were created through a partnership with world-renowned physician and CBD authority Dr. Lane Phillips. Innovative in both purity and refreshing flavor, one full dropper of the FOCL Premium CBD Drops is 10mg of CBD; the measurement on the side of the dropper allows users to control and customize their dose.

GoGenics uses organic farming methods at the FOCL Farm in New Mexico. This year, FOCL harvested 120 acres of Non-GMO hemp. The Farm builds upon FOCL efforts to practice transparency and sustainability in its quality CBD products.

About FOCL, a GoGenics Wellness Brand:
FOCL is a GoGenics brand dedicated to leveraging the power of CBD for wellness and healthy living. Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with a 120 acre hemp farm in New Mexico, the company offers FOCL Day and FOCL Night CBD Wellness Stacks and FOCL Premium CBD Drops that can be purchased online at www.focl.com. Follow FOCL on IG at https://www.instagram.com/foclcbd/

Gregg Delman