Washington Launches Cannabis Compliance Consultant Team

Washington state cannabis regulators have announced the formation of an 11-member Cannabis Compliance Consultant team that will work with licensees to help them achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

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The Washington state Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB) recently announced the formation of a new Cannabis Compliance Consultant team. The 11-member team is spread around the state geographically. While associated with the LCB, team members do not have the authority to write “administrative violations.” Rather, participation in the program is voluntary and is designed to help Washington state producer, processor, retail, testing lab, and transportation licensees to “achieve and maintain compliance.”

Additionally, the compliance consultants can do final inspection briefings to help potential licensees take the final step to licensure, conduct walk-throughs prior to annual inspections to identify and fix issues, assist in training staff and address common problems popping up around the state with industry associations.

“The goal of the Compliance Consultants is to help licensees understand and comply with state cannabis requirements, laws, and rules … and to help licensees achieve and maintain compliance.” — Excerpt from LCB email

Washington has experienced ad a series of non-compliance issues recently, including a testing lab license revocation due to alleged inflated THC levels and a producer who was arrested for smuggling cannabis out of state. The state hopes to start taking a more nuanced approach to enforcement by providing the free consultant services to avoid problems like diversion or canopy overproduction.

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