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Waka Flocka Flame Has Bad Edibles Experience at Dope Cup

On Sunday Ganjapreneur attended the Dope Cup, hosted by Dope Magazine at Dockside Cannabis in Seattle. It was an open-consumption event complete with a retail cannabis store, food trucks, and a reggae and hip-hop concert featuring Waka Flocka Flame as the headliner. The weather was perfect for a night of fun with friends and fellow cannabis enthusiasts, and the vibe was excellent because Dope Magazine always puts on a great party. According to a post on his Instagram account, however, Waka Flocka Flame had a bit of a rough night after his set, as he apparently wound up calling the paramedics after having a bad experience with some edibles.

When Waka first came out for his set, both he and his DJ repeatedly mentioned how high they were from the very beginning. First, Waka thanked an anonymous person who offered him a blunt when he walked in to the event. Then, mid-way through the opening song, he was passed an enormous joint from someone in the front of the audience, which he proceeded to take 5 or 6 hits off of before passing it back into the crowd.

Waka Flocka Flame Edibles at Dope Cup

Waka went on to finish his set and gave an amazing, energetic performance, and the crowd was jumping the whole time (despite everyone being super stoned). Apparently, though, after the performance Waka accepted some medicated edibles and wound up calling the paramedics as a result.

In his post, Waka suggested that the paramedics were called because the edibles contained GMOs, which he avoids (he is also a vegan). This claim may sound a bit dubious to anyone who has ever had a bad edibles experience, however. We think it is more likely that Waka simply over-medicated and had to sit through the discomfort and dizziness that so many of us have gone through at some point.

For us, this is a great example of how even seasoned cannabis consumers need to know their limits, and to be aware of the potency of the products they are consuming.

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