Researchers at Washington State University have put out a call for volunteers to help create a breathalyzer that can detect recent cannabis consumption, according to a KIRO 7 report. Cannabis breathalyzers are a popular topic among politicians who have been reluctant to reform cannabis laws while intoxicated driving has been a sticking point for many people who support continuing prohibition.

The researchers in Pullman, Washington have put together a method of conducting the study without ever having to actually handle any cannabis product themselves, which, due to the plant’s federally illegal status, could have jeopardized the university’s federal funding.

Volunteers must be at least 21 years old and be residents of Pullman in order to apply.

Volunteers will first be tested with a blood test and mouth swab. Then, they are to go out, acquire cannabis for themselves from any licensed cannabis retailer, return home, and consume said cannabis there (under state law, marijuana must be consumed inside of a private residence). When sufficiently high, they are to call the researchers and a taxi — to avoid having any participants drive while intoxicated — will be sent to retrieve them, bringing them to a hospital for the second round of tests.

Participants in the study will also be encouraged to participate in standard sobriety tests conducted by police officers; this law enforcement training session is optional, however.

Volunteers will be paid $30 for the first hour and $10 for each hour after that, the report indicated.

If you meet the requirements and are interested, you can contact Nathan Weller at (509) 432-1943 or at

Police in California field tested a marijuana breathalyzer produced by Hound Labs, Inc. last year with reportedly positive results.


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