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Vermont Governor Creates Marijuana Advisory Commission After May Legalization Veto

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott last week announced the creation of the Governor’s Marijuana Advisory Commission which was conceived following Scott’s May veto of the first cannabis legalization bill ever passed by a state Legislature. Scott originally created the commission with an executive order following his veto action.

“As I’ve said before, I’m not philosophically opposed to eliminating the prohibition on recreational use by adults. However, I believe we have an obligation to learn from the experiences of other states, and have comprehensive education and highway safety protocols in place before moving to a fully taxed and regulated recreational-use marketplace,” Scott said in a press release. “We must ensure that any approach we take prioritizes public health and safety, particularly the health implications for our children, and the need to ensure safety on our roadways.”

The commission will consist of three subcommittees that will evaluate legalization, including one on road safety, a second on education and youth prevention, and a third to explore the options for a taxed and regulated market, including insurance, banking, and local zoning issues.

The commission will be chaired by former chairman of Vermont Democrats Jake Perkinson, and Burlington-based attorney Tom Little and will include two members appointed by the Senate Committee on Committees; two members appointed by the House Speaker; the Secretary of Agriculture or a designee; the Commissioner of Health or a designee; the Secretary of Commerce and Community Development or designee; the Commissioner of Taxes or designee; the state Attorney General or designee; and the Executive Director of the States’ Attorneys and Sheriffs, or designee.

The first meeting is set for Oct. 1, and the governor expects an initial report by Jan 15, 2018.

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