VCT Announces New Proprietary Delivery Method for Cannabis Vaporization Which Aims to Eliminate Risks Associated with Unregulated Counterfeits

Vapor Cartridge Technology (VCT) is proud to introduce a groundbreaking solution to address the pressing concerns surrounding vape cartridges in the cannabis market. With a commitment to ensuring the safety and quality of cannabis consumption, VCT presents a new proprietary delivery method that stands to revolutionize the industry.

The Current Cannabis Landscape

In today’s cannabis landscape, the demand for cannabis extracts is skyrocketing. Vaporization has become a preferred method of consumption due to its quick onset of effects and high bioavailability, making vape pens one of the most popular delivery methods among US consumers. However, the extraction of THC and CBD oils, achieved through methods such as Super Critical CO2 and hydrocarbon extraction, often involves the use of diluting agents to optimize their functionality in vape cartridges. These diluting agents have been associated with health concerns stemming from vape usage. Additionally, the ease of counterfeiting existing vape pens and the presence of unregulated manufacturers pose significant risks to consumers.

Summary of New Technology

Vapor Cartridge Technology (VCT) is proud to introduce its innovative solution to these challenges. VCT’s approach is revolutionary in several key aspects:

  1. Product Purity: VCT’s delivery method utilizes no diluting agents or additive oils, resulting in clean and precise vapor.
  2. Patented Thermal Distillation Process: VCT employs a patented “Thermal Distillation Process,” a “whole plant” extraction method that extracts all 150+ cannabinoids, terpenes, trace flavonoids, carotenoids, and chlorophylls from cannabis.
  3. Conductive Aluminum Substrate: Botanical extracts are accumulated on a conductive aluminum substrate, which can be easily “rolled” into a cartridge cylinder for implementation in a vaporizer.
  4. Low Temperature Vaporization: VCT’s process ensures that only the botanical compounds are inhaled, minimizing any potential risks associated with inhaling harmful substances.
  5. No Chemical Solvents: The Thermal Distillation process uses no chemical solvents, ensuring a safe and pure vaping experience. Additionally, the aluminum cartridges are recyclable, reducing environmental impact.

Opportunities for Licensees & Regulators

Vapor Cartridge Technology offers an exceptional opportunity for regulators and licensees to take control of vape cartridge manufacturing, thereby curbing counterfeiting and delivering a superior product to consumers. VCT is actively seeking partnerships with cannabis regulatory bodies, brand manufacturers, and makers of extraction and processing equipment. Moreover, VCT has recently published a proposal for the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), detailing how its technology can reinvigorate the legal cannabis market in California.

VCT founder Timothy McCullough is available for discussions regarding the proposal and the potential benefits of implementing this groundbreaking technology.

About VCT:
Vapor Cartridge Technology (VCT) is a patented and FDA-approvable process for extracting essential oils and resins from cannabis, along with an FDA-approvable device for delivering a pure and exact dose of the extracted oils/resins as a consistently reliable, precise inhalable vapor. This cutting-edge technology, once commercialized, will provide a pure and exact dose of inhalable vapor and will be far more cost-effective than current methods in both medical and recreational markets.

Vapor Cartridge Technology LLC is actively seeking licensing opportunities for their new technology. Regulators and venture capital firms in both existing markets and emerging markets may reach Tim McCullough via email or telephone.

Email:   Mobile: 651- 491- 2115