A commercial cannabis grow in Washington state.

U-Grow Rentals Creating Leasable Growing Facilities for California Patients

With the 2016 passage of California’s Prop. 64 legalization initiative, there are some big changes coming for the country’s most populous state. Many Californians are focused on the opening of adult-use dispensaries and the end of criminal cannabis possession charges; however, there is another very important aspect of the Adult Use of Marijuana Act: adults who are 21 and older will soon be allowed to grow their own cannabis plants — up to six at a time.

Growing your own cannabis is arguably the best way to keep costs low and to know exactly what goes into your medicine. But it can also be a daunting task — particularly in urban environments, where concerns about neighbor complaints, having enough space, property rates, inexperience with growing the plant, city inspectors, children, theft, and even the rare possibility of a federal raid may detract from the wonderful experience that is growing your own medicine.

U-Grow Rentals, a Los Angeles-based startup, aims to alleviate those concerns by leasing 100-square-foot growing spaces to patients and would-be home growers. From city to city, these 10 ft. by 10 ft. rooms will all be located under the same roof with U-Grow master growers onsite to answer questions and help patients down the path towards cannabis self-sufficiency.

The company likens these shared growing spaces to a standard storage facility — albeit significantly more aromatic — with just a typical renters agreement necessary before getting your own cannabis garden underway.

Under Prop. 64, municipalities throughout California will be required to allow their citizens to cultivate up to six cannabis plants with just “reasonable regulation” — and that requirement kicks in starting January 1, 2018. For this reason, U-Grow is aggressively seeking partnerships with city officials throughout all of California’s major population centers to make sure that every citizen has a reasonable shot at growing their own cannabis plants — even if they live in highly urban or particularly sensitive areas, such as near parks or school-grounds.

Each grow room rental will come equipped with 24-hour webcam access to allow for remote monitoring. Additionally, master growers will be available onsite to help patients monitor their plants and keep crops healthy. In fact, making use of a U-Grow rental can be as hands-on or hands-off as the renter wishes — the master growers are there to assist, answer questions, and to make sure that each renter achieves the fullest potential for their cannabis crops.

“Cannabis is very sensitive,” said Roland Cordova, CEO of U-Grow. “That is why we pay our Master Growers $120,000 per year. We engage our clients with 24-hour video access and the ability to learn how its done by interaction with their grower, so they can decide to bring it home when they know what they are doing.”

“We also believe that getting your medicine as inexpensively as possible is important,” said Cordova. “We guarantee at least 16 ounces every 60 to 90 days — that is a lot of medicine.”

With the calendar steadily marching towards a post-prohibition California, visit UGrowRentals.com to learn more about U-Grow’s unique business plan or to get in touch with a company representative.