SUDZ by BUDZ Review

There are a lot of reasons to keep your smoking devices clean and clear of resin. Buildup, old bong water, and the germs that grow on them are harmful to inhale. But that doesn’t mean I always keep my glass shining brightly. In fact, when I reached out to Vita Budz to try their glassware cleaner SUDZ by BUDZ, my bong was in the worst shape it’s been in a while. I was hoping that the product would be up for the challenge.

VitaBudz is a cultivated platform for combining cannabis, design, and science. It’s privately owned, SUDZ by BUDZ does the same. The package design is clean with an air of effervescent fun and inside is a white powder that cleans even the most hardened resin off of cannabis pieces. I truly do wish that I kept my bong cleaner than I do, and maybe I will now that I’ve tried SUDZ by BUDZ.

One package is about 5 TB, a small piece like a chillum only requires 1 TB for an easier clean. I, however, had to put my downstem and bowl piece through three rounds of soaking and bubbles before the last of the caked-on resin would scrape off. This is more a testament to how gross my piece was, not the cleaner agent. Additinally, when I cleaned the main glass piece of the bong, I forgot to plug the downstem hole, which unfortunately led to a lot of the Sudz fizzing out. Even with my error, it still cleaned the bong with no wiping where the Sudz did their work.

The process, despite including three iterations of the downstem fizz, was completed in the time that my one-year-old was down for his nap. That was ideal, since the process is somewhat stinky and should be completed in the open air. Sodium percarbonate, an active ingredient in the product, shouldn’t be inhaled directly or left near an open flame. The refuse from the cleaning process is best disposed of in the sink rather than the groundwater so the product runoff can be treated before going into your local waterways.

After my experience with the product, I recommend it to anyone who wants to clean their glass and especially for those who have a rough cleaning ahead of them. It was efficient and simple. Ultimately, SUDZ by BUDZ reminded me of other bong cleaning products but with fewer chemicals.

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