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Study: 96% of Cancer Patients Find Relief with MMJ

A study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine conducted medical cannabis producer Tikun Olam found 96 percent of cancer patient respondents reported an improvement of their condition through the use of medical cannabis. The study encompassed 2,970 cancer patients with an average age of 60 who reported sleep problems, pain, nausea, and decreased appetite. The patients were prescribed one or more of Tikun Olam’s proprietary strains.

The research also found that within six months, 36 percent of study participants had stopped taking opioid prescription drugs entirely and another 10 percent had decreased their dosage. The study’s authors concluded that “cannabis as a palliative treatment for cancer patients is a well-tolerated, effective and safe option.”

“The data establishes that cannabis is effective treatment for the most acute symptoms of cancer, such as pain, which often requires the use of opioids.” – Lihi Bar-Lev Schleider of Tikun Olam and lead author of the article, in a press release.

The study found “sparse and minor” side effects, including; dry mouth (7.3 percent), increased appetite (3.6 percent), sleepiness (3.3 percent), and psychoactive effect (2.8 percent).

Tikun Olam, which is based in Israel and has a U.S. arm, partnered with Canadian firm Jay Pharma, Israel’s Soroka University Medical Center, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and the University of Jerusalem.    



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